Set of 4 Good luck Plants for House


The pack contains a set of 4 good luck plants + 4 colorful pots. According to popular belief, these plants will bring good luck, love & prosperity to your life.



  • You get 4 good luck plants potted in colorful pots in a single pack.
  • Plants in this pack are believed to bring good luck and prosperity.
  • Plants in this pack are easy to care for and require low maintenance.
  • Plants in this pack can be grown indoors on window sills or outdoors in the balcony, patio, terrace garden in pots/containers.
  • Plants in this pack are ideal for a location that receives indirect bright light.

Special Feature

Plants are wonderful companions and can be good accessories for your home. What more! They can also bring a lot of cheer and happiness to your lives. Raise the positive energy levels in your house with good luck plants. Enjoy your life and stay blessed amidst nature
Plants in this pack are very easy to grow. It is believed that these plants bring good luck, prosperity, happiness, and wealth. You can grow them easily as indoor plants.


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