Independence Day Special (4 Plants Pack)


This pack contains 4 air purifier plants in attractive colorful pots + Pebbles. Get freedom from pollution and breathe healthy air with these plants around you.



  • You will get 4 air purifier plants potted in colorful plastic pots along with pebbles in a single pack.
  • Plants in this pack require low maintenance and care.
  • These plants will increase the aesthetic look of your house with their beautiful look.
  • Plants in this pack can survive in AC rooms having indirect bright light. (Away from AC vents).
  • Plants in this pack are known for their air-purifying ability

Special Feature

  • Pollution is increasing at an alarming rate and we are always surrounded by toxic pollutants. Plants act as natural air purifiers to fight pollution
  • Many studies suggest that keeping plants on working tables/office desks will help to focus and enhance positive feelings.
  • Plants not only add life and beauty to our natural environment but can greatly benefit our health and social good being.
  • It’s no secret that greenery has a positive effect on air quality and climate.
  • Plants help to reduce dust and smoke along with other pollutants from the air to improve air quality.


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