Having plants in our homes or in our offices doesn’t just look good, it also boosts our mood, makes us more productive, and cleans the air around us by absorbing toxins

Most folks being urban dwellers spending their days in apartments with limited access to parks and ecological reserves haven’t any way of feeling on the brink of nature and experiencing the advantages of being around plants.

Ordering a pizza is straightforward but ever heard of ordering a plant to your doorstep? this is often where Aura Greens comes in.

We believe that Green is sweet and are here to enable Indians to access plants within the easiest method possible – online! We are here to shape the longer term of gardening!

A one-stop-shop for all gardening related requirements, Aura Greens has quite 6000 products available online for delivery across India saving you numerous messy trips to varied nurseries.

We cater to all or any sorts of gardening needs starting from plants, pots, tools, to curated plant-scaping solutions. Our ever-growing platform integrates nurseries and customers across India.

If you’re new being a plant parent, we’re here to form it easier. Our garden experts can provide you with guidance for detailed care every step of the way.

Having served a network of 1 million happy plant parents, we will assure you that when you order a plant from us, you’ll emerge together with your own home-grown veggies!

We believe that each space are often made more beautiful with plants! Come, join us in our vision to form all spaces green and healthy!